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How To Learn English Grammar Online Quickly

Posted by English Helper on June 29, 2017 in English, English Grammar, English UK, English US, Nouns, TESOL, Top Online Business School, Verbs |

Are You Struggling To Learn English Grammar?

Every day brings along surprises, some great, some not so great. But today, you’ve stumbled upon the best surprise as I am going to help you to learn how to understand, learn and apply English Grammar.

But you ask me how to learn English online free, I say, I’ll teach you English online free!

So let’s begin!

Parts Of English Grammar

  • The Article
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Proper Nouns
  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Pronouns

What Is An Article?

It is the use of either ‘a’ or ‘an’ depending on whether the following word is a consonant or a vowel. It can also be used with ‘the’.

The difference between the use of ‘a’ and ‘the’ is to ask yourself, is the intended use for something specific, or is it general.

General: I’ll meet you at a tree in the park
– OR –
Specific: I’ll meet you at the tree in the park near the shop.

What Is A Noun?

A noun is something that has a name. Ask yourself, what are you reading? It has a name, is it a – book? Or a – computer? Or a – newspaper? Or a – dictionary? What do you write with? A – pen? A – piece of chalk? A – pencil?

What Is A Verb?

A verb is an action or doing word. What are you doing now? Are you reading? Are you listening? Are you hearing? Are you breathing? Notice all these words end in ‘ing’ because it’s in the present tense, it’s happening now. One could also list verbs with ‘to’.

  • to walk
  • to run
  • to write
  • to read
  • to live
  • to eat

What Is A Proper Noun?

A proper noun is a special name of a noun. All names of places, people, brands, and important names are included in this category, and they ALL have Capital Letters / Upper Case. For instance, ‘car’ is a noun, but the brand of the car might be Ferrari. You may be a man or a woman, but your name may be Peter or Susan. Notice how the special names have Capital Letters / Upper Case.

What Is An Adverb?

These are the words that add more meaning to the verb. How is the action done? How did you write? Fast? Slow?

‘I quickly wrote a letter’ instead of just ‘I wrote a letter’.

What Is An Adjective?

These are the words that add more meaning to the noun. What size, shape, colour, style, and emotion is seen?
The big fat brown round grizzly bear walked down the path.

What Is A Pronoun?

A pronoun describes people in a shortened form.

  • Man – he, him, his
  • Woman – she, her, hers
  • Me – I, my, mine
  • You – yours
  • People – they, them, us, we, theirs
  • Things – it


More English Grammar


These describe direction and position. Where is the car? ‘In’ the garage.

  • in
  • on
  • under
  • over
  • up
  • down
  • there
  • here
  • put on
  • take off


These are marks and symbols that keep our writing neat and tidy. All sentences begin with a Capital Letter and all Proper Nouns begin with Capital Letters / Upper Case.

. Full Stop / Period

, Comma

‘ ‘ Quotation Marks

” ” Inverted Commas

; Semi-Colon

: Colon

– Hyphen

! Exclamation Mark

Capital Letters

Most of the English Language is written in Lower Case and the exception/rule is that when you start a sentence, use Proper Nouns and use titles, the words used in these instances must have Capital Letters / Upper Case.


This is the amount of what you are describing and is always only one without an ‘s’.

There is one car.


This is the amount of what you are describing and is more than one.

There are many cars.

The whole sentence changes because the verb changes and the noun changes as an ‘s’ is added.

It gets a whole lot more complicated, but that will be covered in another lesson.


It’s Your Turn!

Now it’s your turn to practice writing correct English Grammar so take a moment to click on the link and start writing your own content and have it Spell Checked and Grammar Checked for you in an instant!

How Do I Create Content And Check Spelling And Grammar

Let me know if you have any queries, questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!

Looking forward to hearing how you have progressed in your learning.





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